Facing the Flights Again

Two transatlantic flights, two trans continental and two short flights completed in the past 4 weeks. For most people that is a lot, for someone with a fear of flying that is even more. I have gone from no flying at all for nearly 10 years to all of that in a month. Facing fears, baby. Note: just because I faced the fear and did the flights it doesn’t mean I now like flying.

Fun with Translation: Animals Edition

Here are some more insights into the oddity of the German Language. The last “Fun with Translation” was indeed so much fun that I decided to do some more. German is often quite descriptive in naming things. The idea of smushing words together to describe something quite exactly is a germanlanguagetrait. This gives some interesting translations of animal names when you go directly into English.

German Obsession with Fresh Air

It seems that Germanic society has an obsession with fresh air. This in general isn’t such a bad thing. I grew up in a place where opening the windows meant either car fumes or air conditioner machine noise or simply tons of bugs. So it is nice to be able to air out the house in the summer. However it doesn’t end there, the windows are opened even in the winter.

Ode to the Pretzel

Pretzels are certainly one of the most widely known German foods and for very good reason. They are everywhere here. But pretzel is a shape, not a type of bread. Laugen (lye in English) is the bread type. Join me in an exploration of pretzels and laugen bread.

Traveling vs. Living as an Expat

Guest Post by Italylogue: Jessica Spiegel.
“My plan is to move to Italy,” I tell my new Italian friend over coffee in Milan. He looks back at me blankly and for a moment I wonder if I’ve used the wrong verb tense or accidentally said something about his mother. It’s not until he replies that the blank look becomes clear and I get a strong sense of déjà vu.

“But – why would you want to do that?” he asks. And I sigh. Again.

Searching for Greener Grass

A friend posed me the question recently of whether her desire to move was a form of “grass is always greener” syndrome. That being a desire to move away from problems to an apparently better place, just to find the same problems there. The worry being it might be a waste to move.

I searched after the greener grass, many times. I tended to move every time I saw some brown patches in my life.. err lawn. I actually think there is a benefit to this. If you move around looking for greener grass, if nothing else you become a better judge of grass.