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Hungry Angry Lonely Tired

Stress is a part of travel. It is a part of the growing process, but sometimes it overwhelms us. I spent nearly a year at a time twice in my life dealing with panic attacks. Each time traveling to Europe seemed to bring me out of them. They are totally not fun and disruptive, but…

Danger Falling Rocks

Breaking down Fear

I bought my plane ticket for Greece. I was shaking at the travel agent looking at flight times, but I did it. The connection is way more ambitious that I had expected. It will involve two flights with an 8 hour delay in Athens. Does anyone know how nice it is to be overnight in…

Facing Phobos in Greece

I have decided to face one of my biggest fears: flight. I have not been on a plane in nearly 10 years. Despite the fear and the lengths to which I have gone to avoid flying (see post on cruising the Atlantic), I have decided to fly down to Greece for my vacation. I will take the train back, but psyching myself up for the flight down.

Phobos is the Greek god of fear. Phobia comes from the same Greek root-word. So it seems somehow appropriate that I go to Greece as an act of facing my fear. What is also nicely congruent is that the flights will be about the same length as those that I bailed on 8 years ago due to fear. That trip as well was to go on a cruise. That time in the Caribbean, this time to the Aegean. I am being given a second chance to make the choice to stare down fear and do it anyway.

Tunnel of Trees

Dealing with Fear through Travel

Grand admission. I have fears. Lots of them in fact. Enough to have dealt with panic attacks twice for months at a time in my life.  The one thing I am not afraid of is Travel.  Really. I had less issues moving half-way around the world to a country where I had no job or…