Five Ways I Deal with a Fear of Flight

I have written a number of things over the past few years about being afraid of flying. The blog name of Grounded Traveler echos to that as well. I do now fly when I must. It is not at all my favorite activity, but I do it so I can see things and visit people…

Taking it slow versus Seeing things properly

I heard this idea in the kitchen of our hostel, that you should “see Nice properly.” As in, see the sights of the town and get a feel of the place (I am making my own description, but it seems reasonable, right?) This is actually an admirable goal and sentiment. When there are so many…

5 Movies to Get Your Motivation Going

I like to watch movies. I enjoy how they can get me to think about aspects of life. I am also a visual person, so this medium speaks to me. Even when I read books (which I love as well), I see cinematic style scenes in my head. So movies are often where I turn…

Description of Panic Attacks

I have suffered from anxiety attacks several times in my life, as I have mentioned a few times. Each time they lasted for several months and I ended up moving out of the country for a bit to travel which helped. I have not had major attacks since I moved to Germany. A few minor ones, but nothing that lasted into multiple days. When I mention to people that I have panic attacks, they often ask what it is like. So here is a bit of a description of how I experience them.

Facing the Flights Again

Two transatlantic flights, two trans continental and two short flights completed in the past 4 weeks. For most people that is a lot, for someone with a fear of flying that is even more. I have gone from no flying at all for nearly 10 years to all of that in a month. Facing fears, baby. Note: just because I faced the fear and did the flights it doesn’t mean I now like flying.

Concentrate On The Present To Beat Fear

Fear is a future based emotion. It is a reaction based on what might happen, what would happen if, what could happen when, not what is currently happening. If you can concentrate on what is actually at this exact minute occurring, the fear can’t have a hold. I use this in a lot of my personal fear reduction techniques. I have a fear of flying. Up until last September I had not flown for 10 years. Then however I got onto a flight to Greece. Thinking about the present was how I did it.

Flying to Meet Phobos

So as many know, I spent the past two weeks in Greece on vacation. As also mentioned many times, this trip was a big milestone as it was my first airplane flight in nearly 10 years.

I faced some big fears and some small fears and learned a fair amount on this trip. Certainly the biggest fear was the fear of actually getting there. I made it though with help from a lot of different people and sources.

Freak yourself out

The posting schedule will be a bit erratic over the next few weeks. I am headed to Greece. I will as mentioned, get on a plane for the first time in 10 years to do this trip. I am still fairly calm considering this is one of my deeper fears. In preparation, I am going to intentionally freak myself out about flying.

No no, I’ve not more crazy nor am I trying to convince myself not to go. It is another technique I learned while going through panic attacks. Most fear is in the mind, so that is battleground. If you are frightened of something, running that situation through your head in a controlled freakout can help.