Who is the Grounded Traveler?

Andrew Couch
Artist, techie, traveler, homebody, conversationalist, philosopher, beer drinker, friend.

I am in my 30s and just before my 30th birthday I left my home in the US and moved to Germany. I moved here as a leap of faith without friends, job, home or really any clue where I was headed. Several years later I have all of that in a new life as an expat. It has ended up being the best decision I have ever made. I now use my base in Germany to travel around Europe (still mostly by train) and branch out from here.

What themes do I usually cover?

  • Travel – Experiencing places at a slower pace to enjoy them more fully.
  • Overcoming Fear – Fear of flight as well as other panic inducing things has plagued me for years. Trael has helped me overcome many of them.
  • Phototours – I am a very visual person and like pictures. I post phototours of some of the places I have been around Europe.
  • Life as an Expat – What it takes to live in a foreign place full time without just traveling through.
  • Germany – Life in Germany, especially for expats is a strange one.

Where did the name come from?

I hate to fly, and decided to see the world without airplanes. That is the original source.  Now it means to me more being grounded in my life and still being a traveler. Balancing home and travel.

As a new note, I have started to fly again (see the conquering fear part), and just recently signed up for a frequent flier program. I still don’t like flying, but it is better than being afraid of it.

Like my Photos?

Read the page on Photography Use.

What to contact me?

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