Frankfurt Christmas Market : A Non-Instagram Photo Tour

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December is Christmas Market Season in Germany. Every town no matter the size has one (or several). We took a weekend to go up and check out Frankfurt’s. Ali had flown in and out of Frankfurt enough while we were dating long distance for us to know the basics of the city. This was our first time as tourists though.

Christmas Markets are highly German and highly recommended when traveling here in the winter. Here is a photo tour of the market. I don’t do Instagram even though that seems to be the popular thing these days, but I do like photos and tours, so here it goes.

The church is St Nicolaus. Very appropriately named for its position watching over the Christmas Market. We were supposed to get a tour to go look down from the balcony, but it didn’t work out. We had fun anyway.

I was surprised to see a number of stalls with Schwarzwald in their name. The market really had a lot of regions of Germany represented.

This one was selling all kinds of cured sausages from the southern region were we now live.

The local sausages had a stand as well. More cured sausages, this time from Hessen, the state that Frankfurt is a part of. Yes, the first sign really does mean Blood Sausage. No, I didn’t try any.

Almonds are a pretty common nut in Germany anyway. It gets made into marzipan as well as roasted with sugar for a typical Christmas Market sweet snack. This stall had all kinds of unusual flavors. Energy and Rum were too of the best and most photogenic.

Marzipan is a tasty thing and also very Germanic. It is very versatile too. Yes, those are pigs heads shaped from the stuff. Not full size, but big enough.

Yes, the chilis were fairly hot, but the chocolate just kind of flakes off and melts in your mouth. The flavors don’t really mix as well as they should.

Mulled wine is the center of a good Christmas Market. Don’t just expect red or white, pretty much everything imaginable is available. Some of those are different fruits made into wine and some of those imply a shot of liquor added to the drink.

Mulled wine comes in these typical mugs. You pay a deposit when you get the glasses. If you choose not to get your money back, you have ready made souvenirs.

Rides are a part of most Christmas Market experiences too. There are several carousels at the Frankfurt market.

With the wine definitely comes food. This stall sells only one dish. Fried potato puffs(halfway between a pancake and a hashbrown) with either apple sauce or garlic sauce.

Again I was surprised how regionally diverse the Frankfurt market was. This stall is selling Lebkuchen (Gingerbread cookies) which are from Nuremburg.

The charming timber frame houses of the Romerberg square fight for attention with the mass of market stalls that fill the square. Check out the crowds though, this is not a peaceful quiet place.

The Christmas Tree is pretty huge, but looks good especially lit up at night.

Frohe Weihnachten is the German phrase for Merry Christmas. I like the depth of field type pictures, so this appealed to me.

For more about the market check out Ali’s post about the Frankfurt Christmas Market as well. We are giving away a pair of boat tickets for Frankfurt there too.
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Ali and I were guests of the Frankfurt Tourism board on our weekend to see the market. All opinions and snarky jokes are my own.

30 thoughts on “Frankfurt Christmas Market : A Non-Instagram Photo Tour

  1. Hi there! I came across your site in searching for Franfurt Christmas market. I am going to Franfurt for the market this Christmas as I won a return flight! I’m going alone and wondering the closest, not craziest expensive but safe place to stay close by or at least close to transportation? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Congrats on the trip. Planning a long time ahead, aren’t you? Frankfurt itself is probably where you want to stay. There is a pretty good network of trams and U-Bahns in Frankfurt. You just need to check out the deals and offers for what is cheap-ish at the time you go.

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    • Yeah, I like Christmas too. The chocolate covered chilis were ok and a neat experience, but I wouldn’t get them again.

  5. Nice photos!! This is my first Christmas in Germany, so it’s been really exciting checking out the Christmas markets here for the first time! They definitely don’t disappoint!!

  6. Germany really had the best Christmas markets. We haven’t spent a Christmas there yet, but all these posts about the markets are making me want to hop on a plane right now. Thanks for the photo tour:)

    • You’re welcome of course. One of the neat things is that each market is subtly different and yet the same. If you can plan to be in Germany in December next year it really is worth the cold.

  7. I’ve been to one of the markets in Frankfurt and was quite amazed at how they have all sorts of sausages on sale. I’d like to try those chocolate coated chillies.

    • They were not as good as we expected. I love the flavor combo in ice cream. There the two flavors stay together on the tongue. Unfortunately the chocolate covering comes off and melts in the mouth leaving you to chew on chili. It was atleast a nice spicy chili, but not the nice blending I was hoping.

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    • I liked your Frankfurt post. Was neat in the reverse to see it in summer warmth. Did you get a chance to try Applewine?

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    • It was cold and fun. Thanks about the gluhwein picture. i wish it had came out in sharper focus though. That camera is good, btu I can get too close up too easily.

  10. One day I would LOVE do the Christmas markets in Germany. I am sure they are crowded this time of year but I would love to find one in a small town and just explore.

    By the way, you had me at “Non Instagram.” I don’t use it either and like photos when they aren’t on Instagram (I am sure I am in the minority on this).

    • The small town ones are fun. Even Freiburg is less crowded than Frankfurt was, although the areas around the Gluhwein tents are definitely packed. We have a few small towns nearby, though not sure if we will find time to visit them this year. Tons going on.

      My phone is crap. I couldn’t do instagram even if I wanted to.

  11. Just curious, what camera did you use and did you do any correcting with a photo program before posting??

    Glad you enjoyed the market also, it really is awesome at night.

  12. ENCHANTING and magical post my friend! I just love the Christmas markets and your larger-thank-life pics really bring the experience to life for those of us in the US! Thank you for a marvelous post!!!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words and compliments. You need to make some winter holiday time and come see them for yourself.

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