Favorite Places in Freiburg

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This month’s Expat Blog Stammtisch topic is Favorite Places in our German hometowns. So that means I get to show a few places around Freiburg that I like.

Although Freiburg is a city of nearly 220 thousand, I spend most of my time in the old city. So all of these are in that area. It is a city of students and of nature lovers. At the end of several valleys into the Black Forest nature is a big part of the town and its people. This is not a place for hectic chaos, but of relaxation.

Favorite People Watching


I find this area of town to be some of the best people watching. Uni Cafe has a large outdoor area under a tree on a cross road of pedestrian streets in the area of cafes near the University. A lot of people walk through going on their business.

It has great cheap cocktails too for nighttime people watching. Especially when the old town puts on a festival.

Best Stroll


The cathedral square, especially while the market is on, is one of my favorite strolls. Especially when I am in no hurry, it can be relaxing almost to be amongst the bustle. I like to hear the sounds and voices around me. It feels like the center of town and makes me think that it must not have been so much different in medieval times. The towering church in the center of the square help that.

It isn’t just a place to enjoy, but also very practical. We buy our vegetables there every week. Yesterday we walked down an arm of the market that we don’t go very often. The imported foods stalls. The smells of the peppers, olives, garlic and feat cheese are mouth watering. If youhappen to be hungry, we often go for sausages from the stands for lunch and can recommend it. The market is a nice place to just experience life and be around people..

Favorite Quirky Spot


From the well-known to the overlooked. I kind of find this fountain creepy. The eyes almost follow you. It is on the back side of the main bank building in the center of town and near the Kartoffelmarkt square. I know zero more about it, but I like the oddity of it (even if it creeps me out).

Favorite Ice Cream


Ice Cream and Gelato places are scattered around town. Every square has one and a bunch of cafes scoop out of their windows too. This is my favorite. InContro is near my people watching cafe above. It has inventive flavors based on candy bars and fruits in addition to the standards. It is probably too convenient to my office for my waistline, but I like it. My favorite is a caramel based flavor called Lion.

Favorite Food


I am a quite simple man. I like simple but good food. A few ingredients and no fancy plates for me please. Markthalle is a Food Court place in the former printer of the Freiburg Newspaper. Stands for all manner of food face into an open area with places to stand and eat. The pasta place in there counts as some of the best pasta we have had in the world. Everywhere we order pasta always gets compared back to it.

Favorite Beer


Although Ganter is the large local brewery, Feierling is my favorite. It is an unfiltered pilsner brewed on site and named for the island amongst the canals that the brewery sits on. The beer is slightly sweet almost like a hefeweizen, but as a pils. It was one of the first places I had a beer in Freiburg back in 1999 when I first step foot in Freiburg as a study abroad student. And still one of the best since.

Best View


I don’t go up to Schlossberg very often, but it really is the best view in town. You can see the old city gate towers sticking up around the old town and the cathedral rising from the buildings. The rest of Freiburg spreads out away from the mountain and you can even see way up the valley into the Black Forest. Although the castle that the hill is named for is no longer there, it is obvious from up top why Freiburg was a defensible spot and why it became a town.

There is a beer garden on the first level walking up and an observation tower to climb as you keep going up. If you feel the need to go hiking, pick a trail and a direction and go. Although I don’t go up very often, it is still the best view of my new hometown.

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  4. What a nice set of photos you have provided here and I think I am in love with this place already..I hope someday I can have a holiday here together with my husband..

  5. Ever since I’ve learned about you, I try and keep up with what is going on with Freiburg. I would love to get a post from you for my budget travel guides. One day, I hope to make to visit and explore your “hometown” 🙂

    • Cool, glad I put Freiburg on your radar. I have definitely learned more about sports than I knew before since following you. Yes, your guidebook series in on my list. I have been trying to get Ctrl Alt Travel on its way before starting a new project. I will send you an emai.

  6. I love hearing about “secret” spots from locals. I’m really kicking myself for not visiting Freiburg when I lived in Stuttgart. The monkey fountain has really intrigued me.

    • Ahhh right, you are the monkey person. You really should have come visit. You still can you know.

  7. Love that you opened this post up with your favorite place to do some quality people-watching! It’s one of my favorite things to do in most cities that I visit.

    A university cafe seems like the perfect place to watch people!

    • Yeah. It is the kind of city where the main attraction is just wandering around and watching people.

    • Thanks. I don’t go as often as I used to, but it is such a nice place to sit. How long were you in Freiburg? When did you leave?

      • I studied abroad there in 2006 for a few months. I just recently was able to go back for a weekend though, and I was glad to see that it was just as perfect as I had remembered it!

        • Perfect is not what I would call it, but definitely pretty good. It can feel a little small-townish at times, though that is why we keep getting out and traveling. You would have been here in one of the few years that I was not. Are you still in Germany, if you can visit for a weekend?

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