1. Ashley
    June 1, 2010 @ 7:24 pm

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading this! My fiancé and I are planning on becoming expats in the next few years (fingers crossed!), and it's nice to hear successful stories about people abroad.

  2. Andrew
    May 31, 2010 @ 4:11 pm

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah it is a little like a roller coaster in the dark. You get glimpses of things, but they sometimes just make it more scary. And you expect you will survive until the end, but it is scary while on the ride.

  3. Andrew
    May 31, 2010 @ 4:10 pm

    Try not to use outsider as a negative term, think impartial participatory observer, or some such. You have to be ok with not blending in and embrace it to use it as a way to meet people.
    Thanks for the compliment and comment..

  4. suzyguese
    May 29, 2010 @ 5:50 pm

    I would love to become an expat at some point. For now I am just trying to live 3 months in different places at a time. I think what scares me about living and working in another country indefinitely is what you mention, that feeling of always being an outsider. Studying abroad in Italy for over a year, I experienced that sensation. I tend to never blend in no matter where I go with bright red hair and pale skin. Although you do get used to it and start to ignore the glares or glances. Very inspiring post!

  5. Chay
    May 27, 2010 @ 11:18 pm

    In less than 2 months my boyfriend and I are making the transition to being expats too. It is good to hear success stories like yours of taking risks and having it all work out in the end. Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂